Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Today we will talk about the topic of limiting beliefs that appear in different areas of our lives and prevent us from achieving the things that we want.

It has been proven that 80% of success comes from having the right mindset, and 20% is mechanics. Anyone can learn a new skill. That’s the easiest part. The hardest part is mastering the mindset which has a significant percentage, at that 80%.

Every time you say that you want something or that you want to do something but you can’t because of whatever reason, that reason is your limiting belief. There are many ways to manage these limitations. One way is to simply learn a new skill that you might not already have. For example, say you do not have the career you want. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to take the right actions by practicing or gaining a new skill or skills that might be needed to get the career that you do want. In this way, you are overcoming your limitations. It is important not to get stuck here and use it as a reason or excuse for you not to move forward.

Your limiting beliefs do not come from the mechanics part that I explained above. The purpose of these limiting beliefs is to keep you safe. For example, if you don’t have the career you want, thinking that you’re okay staying where you are will keep you safe from facing or feeling rejection from job search efforts. Become more loving and confident with yourself in order to overcome these limiting beliefs easier and faster.

From my experience, for a long time when I needed to make the transition from my corporate job to going full time in my own business, one of the obstacles I used to tell myself was the time I would sacrifice with my kids if I focused too much on my business was too much. This kept me in a job that didn’t fulfill me anymore longer than I should have. When I finally made myself aware of this obstacle, I slowly began to change it until I finally made the transition that I knew I needed to make.

Another issue that arises is that you may have limiting beliefs you might not be aware of because they don’t always appear on the surface. One of the best ways to overcome these limiting beliefs is to ask yourself what you want to do in the most important areas of life, such as health, wealth, or relationships.

For example, if you want to have a better job to increase the well-being of yourself and your family, ask yourself why you don’t already have it. Go deeper into these questions and the answers you give yourself by asking “WHY” at least 5 times until you get to the heart of the limiting belief. Then, when you are aware of which poisonous thought is stopping you, give yourself the power to change it.

I hope this blog was helpful for you on a very important topic in order to move forward and make the progress you want to make towards your goals. If you want more help unlocking the limiting beliefs you can reach out to me.

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I am Elona Lopari, author, host of the life school masterclass podcast and CEO of the Elona Lopari Coaching where we help mission driven entrepreneurs.