Nov 25, 2020

3 min read

Clean Thinking and Life Being 50/50

Hello, everyone!

Today I am going to talk to you about what clean thinking is and also how life is 50/50 as far as our emotions are concerned.

I’ll start with explaining what clean thinking is and what I mean when I use this term. So many of us spend a lot of time neglecting our minds. What I mean is that we don’t usually go in there and see what thoughts we are thinking. We let our minds run wild just like a toddler running around with a knife unsupervised. That’s what we are doing when we let our mind go by default. Who knows what it’s going to think, what we will create feeling-wise, and what we’re going to end up doing because of the way we feel.

We really need to pay attention. A metaphor I like to use is that it’s like going into a house — a very dirty house, and typically the lights are off. When you go in and turn on the lights, you go, “Wooo it’s a mess.” A lot of people get overwhelmed with all those negative thoughts that are in there. Many will want to turn that light back off and pretend like they did not see all of that. However, the people that are really committed to changing and feeling better will continue to keep that light on and start cleaning. That’s what I do with thought work with my clients. I basically help them clean those negative thoughts and not let them clog up in there. We both work on cleaning them up, organizing them, and finding a place for them.

Sometimes we try to eliminate the negative thoughts. The very least we can do is try to understand them. This process cleans up the mind just like you would clean up a house. From there, you will have clean thinking. When your brain is really cluttered with negative thoughts, you can’t tell a positive, helpful thought from any other thought. But once you’ve cleaned up, it’s just like looking at a clean house. You can tell if something is in place or not. In a messy house, you can’t tell what’s out of place or not because it’s all a mess.

One of the things that happens pretty typically is that once you go through this process, people notice that after a few weeks, it’s cluttered up again. They get frustrated because they believe that they’ve worked through it all and don’t understand why it’s showing up again. They think that it’s already been solved. Yes, but here’s the thing. It’s just like cleaning a house or taking a shower. You can’t just clean your house and body once and think that that’s it. You have to clean again and again. I prefer cleaning daily so you can keep your mind and thinking clean. It’s up to you how often you do it, but the more time you spend paying attention to what you’re thinking, really noticing the thoughts that you want to continue to think, writing down the ones you want to work on, the cleaner your thinking will be.

One last concept that I want to discuss today is life being 50/50. What I mean by this is that half the time we will feel negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, sadness and half the time we will be experiencing positive emotions such as hopefulness, happiness, joy etc. No matter which level you achieve in your life and how many goals you achieve, you will still feel these negative emotions. It’s just part of the human experience that we are all part of. There is no exception. So, learning how to be happy where you are in the present moment is important to understand because life will not be different or happier on the other side when you have achieved those goals that you might think will make you happy all the time.

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