Building Small Habits to Achieve Results

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Today we will be speaking about building small habits for creating the results you’re after in the long run.

Most of us don’t manage to do everything we have to do on any given day. We only have a certain amount of time and energy, so certainly some things get left behind. Today I want to share how to establish mini habits in order to manage lots of competing goals. A few years ago I wanted to implement meditation into my life and make it a daily habit. When I first wanted to start meditation, I planned to set aside 20 minutes a day. That did not happen! I found myself making excuses and could not get myself to do it at all, and I would feel bad about it the next day. I decided to make the process as easy as possible for myself by deciding to meditate for only 2 minutes a day. It didn’t matter how tired I was, I could find 2 minutes somewhere in my day so there were no excuses. This approach worked!

I have realized that one of the biggest problems we all have is that we expect too much from ourselves, and as a result of these high expectations, we sometimes don’t get anything done and beat ourselves up for it. For example, imagine you have decided to work out for 1 hour a day and one day something happens and you only have 40 minutes available. Most people wouldn’t even go for the 40 minutes because they set up their mind for the hour. Their high expectations are preventing them from doing what they set out to do, and that’s the wrong approach.

This is where creating mini habits comes in. These are habits where the expectation is so low that you can do them every single day without fail. What happens when you create these small habits is that over time these habits help you get everything you want over a period of time, and also along the way you are building new habits that stick. Often by doing this you will find that the mini version of doing something expands to the bigger version. Your motivation will be higher, and you’ll eventually get addicted in a good way to the new habits. They’ll stick with you long term and you’ll create new disciplines.

I am sure that you have heard of Newton’s First Law before. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. This can be said about humans as well. If you’re currently procrastinating, it’s very difficult to make yourself read a book for one hour. However, if you have been reading for 3 mins already, it’s so much easier to continue reading. This is what mini habits do: they help us get started because they don’t require too much commitment from us. Starting something is often the biggest problem we have when it comes to productivity. But once we start and get a bit of momentum, it’s much easier to keep on going.

If you set an expectation to clean out an entire room, that could be daunting so you might not even want to get started. Instead, commit to something super easy like cleaning out or organizing your desk. When you do that, you will make it easier to continue since you have already started. This type of minimalistic approach will get you more results in the long run!

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I am Elona Lopari, author, host of the life school masterclass podcast and CEO of the Elona Lopari Coaching where we help mission driven entrepreneurs.